My fancy pen

This post is follow up. I spent a month trying to determine if this would work, and finally just threw money at the problem. I did get lucky though.

I have a lovely pen, a Muji fountain pen. This ticks all the little things I desire most in a quality writing implement. It’s a cylinder from top to bottom, it has a snap cap rather than screw on, and it takes cartridges, to keep me from spending obscene amounts of time and money dorking with ink.

Once I bought one, I found out this pen ships with a “fine” nib.

In practice, with my handwriting and notebooks, this is not ok. I found a fair number of forum and blog posts where people discuss changing nibs, but there’s very little resolution. So I did some learning, and it looks like a #5 nib should be a drop in replacement.The fine folks at Goulet Pens happen to sell a #5 Edison Extra Fine. More searching blogs and forums say it should work. $20 and a couple days later, I can confirm. My cheap pen ended up costing me around forty bucks, plus ink, but I’m damn happy about the result.