Wow. Just, Wow.

Since Windows 7 announced or demoed their Aero-Snap feature, I’ve wanted it for OS X. I ¬†find it extremely handy to be able to just throw a window towards an edge of a screen and have it conform to a size by default. Two windows side-by-side are incredibly useful for learning things in a terminal or IDE with a browser right next to it. I’ve been wishing for something, particularly since I got my Macbook 11. Better Touch Tool is that thing. And its FREE.

I found it because someone posted some jab at the dev for running out of version numbers on Twitter, which prompted me to check out the reddit thread, and I finally downloaded the tool. AND THE FIRST THING IT ASKED ME ON THE FIRST LAUNCH WAS TO ENABLE WINDOW SNAP. Done. Winner. Over in one round. As long as this tool keeps working it’ll be on my macs.

Update, 06.24.2015 –¬†Doesn’t Apple finally announce this feature for OS X this fall? sumbitch. If you have an *extra* mac, I recommend the betas.