I Built Something – VBox Lab PS

I’ve dabbled in programming of one sort or another since I learned BASIC in 4th grade. Finally I’m starting to envision products I need small enough to get my feet wet. There will be at least one more of these, once I figure out some intricacies of Objective-C.

I learned quite some time ago that you can interact with VirtualBox on the commandline. Which is super handy if you’re in the habit of leaving a shell open. Lately I’ve been trying to spend time learning network enumeration, on the long list of things I need to practice with before attempting PWK/OSCP later this year. At work this means finding VirtualBox on Windows8’s Metro mania, and clicking around. Which gets old. No more.

VBox_Lab.ps1 is a quick PowerShell utility to do what I need most. Launch VMs, headless or not.


I learned a LOT from this. Everything was copy a little bit from a How-To and change it some, test, Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Debugging even something this simple gets complex. Dynamic menus, it turns out, are quite a thing to have to learn how to do. I’m glad I did though, because it makes this portable.

I already have a long feature list to add, but for right now it works without crashing, which is a fantastic place to pause and put it out there.